ISACON SOUTH 20174, 5 and 6 August - 2017

Chennai Medical College Hospital & Research Centre (SRM)
Irungalur, Tiruchirappalli - 621105
The 33rd Annual South zone Conference of Indian Society of Anaesthesiologists
Hosted by ISA TamilNadu State Branch
Organised by ISA Trichy City Branch Technical Queries (Assan) : +91 70106 38429 Abstract Related Queries (Dr.Selvakumar) :
+91 98421 65067


Registration is limited to only 50 members for each workshop.

Dr. Ashokka Balakrishnan,MD, FANZCA, MHPE, Associate Consultant,
PG high fidelity simulation scenario coordinator,
NUH, Singapore

Dr. V R Hemanth Kumar,
Professor Incharge Medical Simulation Center,

Paediatric Anaesthesiologist,
Apollo Children’s Hospital, Chennai

“Eternal Vigilance” being the motto of an anesthesiologist, It is imperative for each of us to train and retrain our technical and non-technical skills; hone our senses for situational awareness; accumulate knowledge based on didactic teaching; demonstrate an expertise in decision making and team management.

All practicing anaesthesiologists and postgraduate anesthesiology students are welcome to participate in this workshop. Participants will be required to participate in both individual and group scenarios consisting of common clinical operating theatre emergencies and critical incident scenarios. An introduction will be given about the high fidelity mannequins used and the course of the workshop. A demo will be rehearsed with eminent faculty trained in simulation based medical education. You will be debriefed about the scenarios, split into groups and allowed to take part in a simulation based learning atmosphere. Later the enacted time stamped videos will be replayed followed by an interactive question hour.

This workshop provides the opportunity to learn from a friendly, non-judgemental expert team of senior practicing anaesthesiologists who share a common passion for medical education. This session will provide excellent opportunity for the delegates to reflect upon their own experience both as an individual and as a team. We aim to empower you with the skills and thought processes to continuously assess, evaluate, decide and exhibit efficient problem management.

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Dr. Sudharshan MD,
Consultant anaesthesiologist,
Ortho One Hospital,Coimbatore

Dr. Saravanakumar MD,
Asst. Prof.
Stanley Medical College, Chennai

Dr. Ravindran M,MD
Senior Consultant,

Dr. Mukhundhan G, MD,
Executive Director,
ABC Hospitals,Trichy

Dr. Debendra Kumar Tripati,
Assoc. Prof. IGMCRI,

Dr. Prasanna Bidkar,
MD (Anae), DNB, D M (Neuro)

Dr. Narasimhan,MD,
Asst. Prof,
Stanley Medical College,Chennai

The airway workshop provides opportunities to learn core airway management techniques from experienced consultants as well as hands-on practical experience with state of the art airway equipment and mannequins. Appropriate for all grades of anaesthetic trainees, speciality doctors and consultants, the airway workshop will be a one of a kind learning experience.

Topics covered include:

  • • Oral and nasal fibreoptic intubation, awake and asleep
  • • Supraglottic Airway Devices & Rescue Intubation through SAD
  • • Video laryngoscopy– Curved and Channelled devices
  • • Trans- tracheal Jet ventilation
  • • One lung ventilation techniques
  • • Surgical airway management with hands-on in animal larynx/phantoms
  • • Pediatric airway management
  • • Airway simulation on Human factors
  • • Latest Algorithms
  • • Ultrasound in airway management
  • • Recent advances in equipments

Designed to teach or refresh your experience in using basic and advanced equipment and techniques in the management of anticipated and unanticipated difficult intubation. The workshop will have module based interactive sessions with videos of real airway emergencies. Delegates will have the opportunity to clear doubts, discuss their own experiences and learn from the masters in airway management.

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Team Head

Dr. Sivashanmugam,
MD,DNB,FRCP(UK), Professor,MGMC&RI,Puducherry

Workshop Co-ordinators

Dr. K. Senthil Kumar,
MD (Anae.)
Senior consultant in Anaesthesia and critical care medicine,
Kauvery hospital, Trichy

Dr. Mohanhariraj,MD,
Assistant Professor,
Mohan Kumaramangalam Medical College,Salem

Dr. Chandran, MD,


Dr. Sripriya. R
MD (Anaes), FUGRA
Asso Professor, MGMC
RI, Puducherry

Dr. Antony John Charles
MD (Anaes), FUGRA
Assist Professor, MGMC
RI, Puducherry

Dr. Annie Sheeba. J
MD (Anaes), FUGRA
Assist Professor, MGMC
RI, Puducherry

Dr. Charulatha. R
MD (Anaes),
Assist Professor, MGMC
RI, Puducherry

Dr. Jennyl Mcleen
MD (Anaes),
Assist Professor, Kanyakumari Medical College

Dr. Selvam. E ,
DA (Anaes),FUGRA


The rise of Ultrasound as an essential tool for the anesthesiologist has ushered in an era of image guided interventional procedures albeit the learning curves. In lieu of the current trend this workshop has been designed to deliver an immersive experience in Ultra Sound training in the field of regional anesthesia. Participants will gain a thorough knowledge of ultrasound physics, knobology, relevant anatomy and sono-anatomy associated with commonly performed regional anesthesia techniques. The anatomy will be demonstrated on live volunteers. Attendees will learn needle guidance techniques with ultrasound phantoms. The workshop will include case presentations, interactive discussions and didactic sessions. Importance will be given to Needle-eye-coordination practice and hands-on sono anatomy knowledge. All sessions will be video aided followed by Pre-and Post-knowledge assessment test.

• Team Head Dr. Mohanhari raj Dr. Senthil Dr. TVS. Gopal
• Faculty Dr. Selvam Dr. Charles Dr. Charulatha Dr.Jennyl Dr. Sripriya Dr. Annie /
• Station Upper Limb 1
Upper Limb -2
Lower Limb- 1
Lower Limb -2
Trunk -1
Trunk -2
• Blocks Above clavicle: Interscalene
Below Clavicle: Costoclavicular
FICB / Femoral: Adductor canal block
Ankle block
Lumbar plex
Parasacral Sciatic
Popliteal sciatic
Thoracic Paravertebral Block
Quadratus Lumborum Block
Rectus Sheath
Duration 60 minutes 60 minutes 60 minutes 60 minutes 60 minutes 60 minutes
Session breakup Cadaver demonstration – 15 mins / Volunteers demonstration – 15 mins / Hands on – 30mins
Time table Events
8:30 – 9 am Introduction by Dr. Sivashnamugham
9:00 – 10 am First Hands on session ( module )
10:00 - 11:00 am Changeover to next station
11:00 - 11:30 am Tea break
11:30 -12: 30 pm Second Hands on session
12:30 – 1:30 pm Changeover to next station
1:30 – 2:30 pm Lunch break
2:30 – 3:30 pm Third Hands on session
3:30 – 4:30 pm Changeover to next station
4:30 – 5pm End of session with High tea and feedback

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Dr R senthilkumar,
Dept of critical Care Apollo Hospitals Chennai

Dr. Deva Jayakumar,
MD FRCA EDIC, Consultant,
Dept of critical Care, Apollo Hospitals, Chennai

Dr.Alai Taggu,
MGMCRI, Pondicherry

Dr. Sridhar,
MD FRCA, Consultant In Critical Care,
Kauvery Hospitals, Chennai

Dr Mohamed Ashiq M,
Consultant Anesthesiologist and Intensivist,
Apollo hospital, Trichy

Critical care in the perioperative setting has always demanded more from the anesthesiologist in terms point of care testing, rapid diagnostics, real time image guided interventions and tailored treatment protocol. With the latest addition of ultrasound in the armamentarium of the anesthesiologist, it has become the sine qua non for bedside clinical assessment, vascular access, adjunct to hemodynamic monitoring and procedural guidance.

This workshop aims to introduce you to the scope of ultrasound in the perioperative setting including critical care and trauma. You can experience firsthand, the power of this amazing tool. This workshop will explore the various applications of ultrasound currently in use with the expert guidance of a team of experienced intensivists.

We promise a module based learning program with hands-on training in live volunteers and blue phantoms. The topics to be covered will include and not limited to:

  • • Bedside ultrasound – basics
  • • Ultrasound for hemodynamic assessment and monitoring- RUSH protocol
  • • EFAST
  • • Basic bedside ECHO
  • • Ultrasound for lung assessment- BLUE & FALLS protocol
  • • Ultrasound for vascular access – Central venous and Arterial cannulation
  • • Ultrasound for bedside interventions – pleural tapping, biopsy, percutaneous tracheostomy, etc.

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