ISACON SOUTH 20174, 5 and 6 August - 2017

Chennai Medical College Hospital & Research Centre (SRM)
Irungalur, Tiruchirappalli - 621105
The 33rd Annual South zone Conference of Indian Society of Anaesthesiologists
Hosted by ISA TamilNadu State Branch
Organised by ISA Trichy City Branch Technical Queries (Assan) : +91 70106 38429 Abstract Related Queries (Dr.Selvakumar) :
+91 98421 65067

TEAM TRICHY is working in full swing for the ISA South Zone conference. The CME & the Workshops are being held on 4th August 2017 as full day Parallel programmes whereas the Conference is scheduled on 5th & 6th August 2017. We are happy to unveil the scientific agenda for the CME & Conference.

Our aim is to give the delegates, a revision of the Basics as well as to enlighten on the recent advances in Anaesthesia. The Faculty have been carefully chosen, who besides being masters in their fields, can deliver the content in a simple and practical manner.

The Scientific programme will have Speciality based sessions each of which will cover the basic sciences and clinical scenario relevant to the speciality. A Video session demonstrating the interesting & new techniques/procedures and a Pro-con debate focusing on the common dilemmas in clinical practice, will be part of each session thereby providing a holistic view of the subject.

Apart from free papers, posters & PG Quiz, we are introducing a separate category of Prize papers and Innovation paper (first-of-its kind) to ignite the research attitude in the young minds with prizes worth Rs. 1,00,000 at stake.

Come and join us for the academic feast.


Pre anesthetic assessment – well begun is half done

Extubation of the difficult airway – made easy

Diastolic dysfunction & Anesthetic implications

Strategies to help the occasional Paediatric anaesthetist stay out of trouble: can an adult anaesthetist manage paediatric case

Non invasive cardiac output monitoring – Video session

ECG lead placement - ischaemic zone marking - predicting prognosis

Anaesthetic concerns in Paediatric Neuroanaesthesia

Post op visual loss - Causation & methods of preventing it!

Approach to headache in post LSCS patient

Severe Pre-Eclampsia – RA vs GA – Pro/Con

Massive haemorrhage in obstetrics - prevention & management of DIC

Sepsis - what is new? Do surviving sepsis guidelines work?

ECMO & ARDS -Video Session

Hemodynamic & coagulation support in the bleeding trauma patient

Open the Tap and Maintain the MAP”!!- Preventing Intra-Operative Hypotension in Orthopaedic Surgery

RA vs GA for shoulder arthroscopy- pro/con

TURP in a geriatric hyponatremic patient with poor cardiac reserve - Prevention & management of foreseen problems

Endocrine emergencies under General Anaesthesia

Tight Peri-operative glucose control - Rational or Reality?

Laparoscopic Anaesthesia- what we need to prepare & monitor for safe conduct? - Clinical pearls

Update on OLV – HPV and Microcirculation

Smoking & surgery - cleaning the air

Chronic Kidney disease - How much is safe? - Customising Fluid management

Ultrasound for caudal anaesthesia - video session

Is it just half an ampoule? Anaesthetic pharmacology for children

Intermittent bolus Vs PCA for epidural - Pro /con

Peripheral nerve block complication - from nerve stimulators to USG

Regional anaesthetic techniques for post op analgesia following breast surgeries

Financial literacy for Anaesthesiologists!

Panel discussion – Anaesthesia exams: learning the art of exam smartness


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