ISACON SOUTH 20174, 5 and 6 August - 2017

Chennai Medical College Hospital & Research Centre (SRM)
Irungalur, Tiruchirappalli - 621105
The 33rd Annual South zone Conference of Indian Society of Anaesthesiologists
Hosted by ISA TamilNadu State Branch
Organised by ISA Trichy City Branch Technical Queries (Assan) : +91 70106 38429 Abstract Related Queries (Dr.Selvakumar) :
+91 98421 65067
It is with great pleasure that we invite you for the CME program on 04/08/2017. The field of anesthesia has been exploding exponentially in the past few decades and we are choked with the enormous amount of knowledge available. As a result, we end up confused and frustrated!

“Everything can be simplified” and “Common things are commoner” is the prevailing motto of this CME. The topics have been carefully chosen to include those which are going to be of immense practical use to both PGs as well as practicing anesthetists and the extremely talented speakers have been chosen for their ability to present complicated topics in an easily understandable way.

We assure you that this CME will prove to be a game changer in your future anesthesia practice and you will certainly consider this A DAY WELL SPENT!!!


Pre op ECG changes - how to proceed?

Chest X ray relevant to Anaesthesia - an Expert approach

The ECHO report - understanding the numbers not just the conclusionM

Practical approach to ABG

Neuromuscular monitoring - Basics & how to apply in day to day practice Gas laws -Clinical application in our routine anaesthesia practice

What is possible & What is probable? Understanding p values & confidence intervals

Maintaining intra op hemodynamic stability

Workstation checkout - routine drill?- how different from the basic Boyle?

How to perform a successful -Segmental epidural anaesthesia

Clinical Case discussion with experts And many more…

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